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Rapunzel’s Royal Wedding (from the Enchanting Magical Stories book)

"When it came time to find a dress, Rapunzel was determined to design her own. She sketched and sketched … but simply could not make up her mind! Luckily, the Queen arrived. “Darling," she said. “I want to help you find the perfect dress." And she did!



Most of these are inaccurate and leave out big details.

I don’t know what that end of the Sleeping Beauty story is from, but the Grimm story says the part about the seven fairies and their gifts of beauty, wit, grace, dance, song and ability of musical instruments.. Only, there’s an 8th evil fairy who had been outcast and gave the baby an enchantment as her “gift” to prick her finger and die. The 7th fairy used her magic and changed “die” to “sleep for 100 years.” The princess lives in the castle but inevitably pricks her finger and falls asleep. The good fairy who changed the curse then puts everyone in the castle to sleep so the princess wouldn’t awake alone, and makes the forest overgrow the castle to hide them from evil-doers. 100 years pass when a prince from a different kingdom finds the castle and wakes up the princess and thus everyone else.

Rapunzel. Her mother was pregnant with her and asked her husband to get her some cabbage that he had been craving, but they were very poor so he had to resort to stealing from a witch. He did this for several days but she eventually caught him and demanded that he give her his first born so she would spare his life. Rapunzel was named after the cabbage her mother wanted. Also, the prince who falls in love with her actually got her pregnant, which is how the witch finds out about the whole thing. The prince is blinded by the thorns and wanders the land for years until he finds her and is healed by her tears.

Pocahontas did save John Smith, and he was about 40 and she around 15(iirc) when she saved his life. Matoaka was her name, but she changed it to Rebecca during the time that she was kidnapped(and held for ransom) and “converted” to Christianity. Later that year she married Rolfe(also a few years her senior) and had his son less than a year later.

In Snow White, it’s pretty accurate, but Snow is only 7 years old when the Queen wants her killed and when she marries the prince(his age is unknown). Also, the Queen asked for her heart because she was planning on serving it for dinner. :I

Cinderella left out the sisters, which is the best part. In their attempts to make the glass shoe fit, one sister cuts off her toes and shoves it into the shoe. She and the prince are on their way to be married when Cinderella’s birds tell the prince to look at her feet, as they are covered in blood. He takes the sister back and the other tries, this time cutting off her heel. The same thing happens with the birds and they peck out the sisters eyes after the shoe is shown to fit Cinderella.

Beauty and the Beast is pretty similar, only Belle has two sisters who are jealous of her beauty and wit. They trick her into staying the 8th day in hopes that the Beast would grow angry and kill her.

I thought that the true story of Sleeping Beauty involve the princess sleeping for 100 years, and in that time was raped by the prince and gave birth to 2 children. Or I heard wrong. But that’s just I I read.

^ No, no you’re right. That’s the one I heard too.

Even though these are the disney versions I think they’re still softened up for kids. Because Cinderella not only left off the version for the g rated version but that’s not really how the story goes anyway…