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130: Can we all just talk about how selfish Pema is? There are literally four airbenders in the entire world right now, and she’s complaining because she doesn’t want another one? Oh my God.

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Ok, I just woke up but I think I need to rant on this for a second.

First off, Pema did not marry Tenzin for the single purpose of being his little “airbender-baby-maker”. Yes, she has a responsibility as his wife to keep the airbender people alive. This doesn’t mean she’s a horrible person for not wanting to pop out baby after baby for the rest of her life. She’s given birth to four children already, three of which are confirmed airbenders, with the fourth one probably being an airbender as well.

Katara also had a duty to keep Airbenders alive, but she only had one, Tenzin. And then she stopped. Does that make her selfish as well? Pema gave the world at least three, and she’s selfish for not wanting to raise anymore? The growth of the Airbenders is going to time; you can’t just heave all of the responsibility up to Pema. She bumped the Airbender population from 1 to 4, probably 5. Which is actually pretty amazing of her. And not only are they airbenders, but they’re also her kids. Kids she’s going to have to feed, raise, and care for up until they’re ready to be on their own. She’s not selfish for not wanting any more. Four is plenty, and in the future her kids will have their own airbender kids. Give the woman a break. She’s not there to give birth to a million babies. Rome wasn’t built in a day.