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Don’t give me photoshop in class: the triology

Don’t give me photoshop in class: part 2

Don’t give me photoshop in class: part 1

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you…Yang being an absolute cutiepie <3

The plain version of my follow forever edit.

For reasons

Ruby: *holds our her pinky* Promise?
Weiss: *wraps her pinky around Ruby's* I promise.

Something that me and Hana do a lot in the RWBY RP that stemmed from this fic she wrote me for my birthday. (go read it it’s fantastic)

By the way the art is by Hana too because along with being a great writer she’s an awesome artist.

Take it! I’m done!

This didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to but *frustrated noises* I knew it wouldn’t the second I ran into my first problem.

I could only get one eye for each of the girls instead of their whole faces like I wanted to. But I realized that wouldn’t really be possible since this was the font I wanted and I couldn’t make it any bigger without the picture being crowded.

So yeah here you go why am I trying to major in graphic design I suck

So after hours I finally finished this.

My friend’s birthday is today and she’s a major Whovian so I decided to edit her a poster which I will go and get printed tomorrow (today?)

Step-by-step making of my White Rose fb cover

Basically: Layers upon layers

To see the cover go here

Art: Weissrabbit
Edit: Me

My new facebook cover photo :)

To see the making of this cover go here

Art: Weissrabbit
Edit: Me

4th binder cover finished!

AP English feat. Natsu Dragneel (unf)

3 down, 4 more to go

My APUSH binder cover

So I’ve decided to make a binder cover for all of my classes now. Here’s Chemistry (no duh)

Hmmm what to do next…any suggestions?

My classes:

-Digital Electronics

-AP English

-AP US History

-AP Calculus


Also anyone else want these? I might be willing to make some for others beside myself. (ah who am I kidding)

So for this one class we had to make a cover for our binders. Everyone else did theirs on word but I asked the teacher if I could do mine at home since I had photoshop and I preferred working with that.

I’m about to show up everybody in my class muahaha

Erza Scarlet Typography