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So I’ve been thinking…

(A dangerous past time I know)

Seriously though, I think Book 2 would’ve been more enjoyable had there not been that romantic subplot. Which, I know everyone was saying, but for good reason. It was poorly written and placed and just all-around unnecessary. The rest of the book was good, great even, but the overdramtic soap opera styled romance ruined it all.

That’s why I really hope that for Book 3 they don’t include any romance. None. Zip.

As much as the (random) Makorra break up disheartened me, I feel like now is a great chance for Korra to grow even more than she has. I mean, just recently she became the first Avatar in the new cycle of Avatars, so instead of seeing her trying to reconcile and rebuild her relationship with Mako, let’s see her rebuild the Avatar cycle and kick it off to a good start. Let’s see her maintain peace between the spirits and humans now that the worlds are no longer separate.

I wanna see Korra build herself as a better Avatar and do something extraordinary like the first Avatar before her, Wan, did. I want to see Korra become strong as a person and learn to become her own guide instead of relying on past Avatars to nudge her along.

I want to see her make her own choices.

I want to see her make mistakes and learn from them.

I want to see her gain wisdom to pass to the Avatar following her.

I want to see her make an impression on the world as the first Avatar of the second cycle.

I want to see Korra go down in history.

And I don’t want Mako or romance involved with any of it.

If Wan didn’t have obvious romance in his story, I don’t want Korra to have any in hers.

Anonymous whispered: Top 5 OTP's?


1. White Rose/Candy Cane/Combat Skirts/Reiss/Whatever the fuck they’re calling it these days (Weiss Schnee x Ruby Rose) from RWBY

these precious fuckers I hate you so much (art by: weissrabbit)

2. Nalu (Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia) from Fairy Tail

a.k.a. the couple that’s so canon without actually being canon

3. Bumblebee/Bumbleby (Blake Belladonna x Yang Xiao Long) from RWBY

they’re just so sweet and gahhhhh :3 (art by: the-wicked-spoke)

4. Gale/Gajevy (Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden) from Fairy Tail

because look at these cuties (art by: rboz)

5. Makorra (Mako x Korra) from the Legend of Korra

Gonna be honest though this almost didn’t make my list because I’m really not happy with how their relationship is being handled right now. I have hopes for Book 3, but not very high ones to be truthful.

I understand that everyone’s upset about the lost connection to the past avatars, but do you understand what this means for Korra?

She gets to rebuild the Avatar linage. She gets to become the first Avatar of her cycle just like Wan was.

All this time Korra has identified herself as the Avatar. Now that there are no Avatars before her she can build up her identity for herself.

Imagine the character development.

Korra is fighting against Unalaq/Vaatu during Harmonic Convergence

Mako: Korra I have something to tell you!

Korra: Now really isn’t the time, Mako!

Mako: Korra…I broke up with you!

All fighting stops

Unalaq/Vaatu: oh no he didn’t…

Can someone please direct me to the new Korra clip please and thank


…was there a new LOK clip?

I’m hearing things about the Krew getting back together???

You know something I just noticed?

We haven’t heard Grey Delisle’s voice yet :/

or maybe we did and I just wasn’t paying attention I tend to do that

Pictures I took at Thursday’s badge pick-up

The animal pelt wrap around for my little sister’s Korra costume.  I have to handsew the fur so this has been a real pain in the ass. So far I only have one side sewn.

Just a thought

So now that we get why the Avatar cycle is discontinued if the Avatar dies in he Avatar State, is it possible for a new cycle to form?

It was explained that even if either Vaatu or Raava were to kill each other (or maybe even just killed in general?), they would come back because one cannot be without the other.

So since technically Raava is the Avatar Spirit, and if she were killed and could come back, do you think she could just find someone else and possess them? Or would there no longer be a need for the Avatar because Raava and Vaatu will be attached once more and they settle it themselves? Since, you know, the Avatar is the one who brings balance and all that.

(I guess there’s also the issue of regaining all of the elements from the lion turtles again, though. But I’m sure they’re somewhere since Aang found one.)

Hey guys remember a long time ago when I shipped YuexKorra?

And then we learned they were technically related

'Cos I still ship them

fuck the rules

Alright one last thing on Beginnings:

For those who refuse to watch Legend of Korra, whether because you didn’t like Book 1, the beginning of Book 2, or you liked where ATLA ended, I still highly suggest you watch these two episodes. Why? Well:

  • It’s an excellent standalone. You don’t have to watch Legend of Korra to understand anything that’s going on considering it’s telling the story of the first avatar and how the avatar cycle came to be. It has a completely new cast of characters and settings.
  • Excellent background. Like I said before, it’s the story of the first avatar and how he came to be. It’s definitely interesting extra exposition and a great introduction to the world of Avatar.
  • Nothing LOK-related. Yes, there are scenes with Korra here and there, but these two episodes primarily focus on Wan and Rava’s story. You don’t even see Korra for more than 2 minutes at a time (except the very beginning which is easy to skip if you’re not interested).
  • The animation is GORGEOUS. For those who just skipped Korra completely, you’re really missing out on the great talents of Studio Mir. However with this episode, I really felt that they outdid themselves. It was fluid, the characters were dynamic as they talked, and all of the fighting and bending scenes were absolute eye-candy. And the art style is definitely a bit more traditional and really gives it that ancient myth feeling. Plus, if you haven’t seen Legend of Korra’s animation, it’ll definitely be a big shock compared to ATLA’s animation.
  • The voice acting is spectacular. I definitely give props to Steven Yeun as this was his first time ever voice acting. But he was perfect. It never felt forced or stiff and it really seems he has a knack for it. I most definitely wouldn’t stop him if he decided to do more.
  • The character development and story telling. In just a short 40 minutes, I think we got more character development (mainly for Wan) and story in than a season of ATLA…Okay that may be an exaggeration but still, it was well done and surprisingly evenly paced for something that was only 40 minutes long. It didn’t drag on too long with any one event but it also didn’t rush it along to try and meet the end of the running time.
  • Lastly, if you loved ATLA as much as I did, whether you like LOK or not, you should definitely watch this. It added to the world and gives us a better understanding of where this show and all of it’s characters came from. To me, it’s not an add-on to Legend of Korra but rather the entire Avatar series in itself.

Hey can you guys imagine it? Wan being the first Avatar Guide to help the new Avatar along the way. 

You know, I was gonna try and make this funny but now that I’m actually thinking about it, do you understand how encouraging he would be? He had to work hard to become the Avatar and went through a lot to do so and start this whole line of Avatars and now he gets to help the next one and send them off to carry out his goals and morals and wow Wan would be a great Avatar guide

That episode was beautiful and I’m almost positive that not even the haters can find anything wrong with it. 

Okay I know I said I was going to get off b/c people were starting to complain but here’s something I’ve been seeing pop up and I really think I should say something on it before you go.

Guess what it is?

~ The Forced Kiss on Ginger ~

I’ve seen a lot of people saying how it was wrong of Bolin to do that and yes it was. I’m really disappointed that Bolin did that but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about the fact that people are saying that it wasn’t addressed.

…I’m sorry what. CLEARLY you don’t know how to read in-between the lines and shit because it most certainly was.

Men are often disillusioned when it comes to women. You know what I mean:

  • How we’re totally asking for it by what we wear
  • How we’re such teases and how we always lead them on
  • How “no” actually means “yes” or “try harder”
  • How just because we have vaginas immediately makes us obtainable

Bolin was disillusioned. In her role on screen, Ginger was in love with her boyfriend, Nuktuk. She’s an actress, it’s her job. She’s probably used to differentiating reality from work. Bolin, however, is new to the industry. He can’t really tell the difference.

Now am I saying that now he’s convinced that he’s a heroic waterbender with a talking panda-bear dog? No. But could he possibly be confused about his relationship with Ginger between reality and on screen? Yes.

Now hold up this isn’t me justifying what Bolin did at all. No I do not agree and I really think Bolin needs to clean up his act. But this is me explaining what was going on in that moment. Bolin connected his actual life with his fake life as Nuktuk and mixed the two so much that he became disillusioned that Ginger was an actual person who just wasn’t interested in him.

So when Ginger calls him out on that, the writers were actually addressing the issue.

She set him straight, differentiating her actual being from her on screen being. She told him “I am not that girl who you think I am. I am Ginger, an actress, who is doing her job. You are Bolin, an actor, doing your job. We are not Ginger and Nuktuk who are in love with each other. Get your facts straight.”

So see people? It’s all. About. Context.