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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: I love most of my readers, but this right here... →


Types of flamers:

1. The Lurker. Yeah, you know them. You don’t hear a peep from them until they try to point out a mistake you may/may not have made.

2. The Manic-Depressive. They continually flip between tearing you a new one and giving you praise. Didn’t they learn that “sandwiching” never works?

3. The Giver-but-Can’t-Taker. They get all better-than-though with their review, but can’t handle it when you respond in a mature manner, even proving your point. You’ll know them by how quickly they revert to name-calling. Sometimes, they bring in friends to help flame only to serve the purpose of making them feel better. Heck, they sometimes bombard you with anonymous flames (delete them, much easier than reading). You can usually tell from their signature grammatical mistakes. Usually blurred with #11.

4. The Envious. Take a quick peek at their profile. Did they write a story? Any story at all? Enough said, case closed.

5. The Coward. They troll everyone and anyone, hiding behind the thick armor of an internet username, giving scathing reviews and feeling smug about it. They are first cousins, usually, to Then Envious. Most of the time, they use anonymous names because they secretly dislike confrontation on a more personal basis.

6. The High and Mighty. These morons think that everything they think is right and their small, narrow minds can’t handle the idea that there may possibly be something else out there besides their beliefs. They apparently didn’t learn anything from Hitler.

7. The Canonist. They can’t handle any deviation from canon. Nope, none whatsoever. It’s as if their brain will explode with the simple notion that transcends canon. Let’s hope they never read an AU fic. Boom!

8. Mary-Suer/Gary Stuer: They look for “OC” and immediately begin hating on anyone’s creation by throwing around the words “Mary Sue/Gary Stu”. (Why can’t an OC be as strong as the main characters? Why not stronger? It’s no different than, say, the manga author introducing a newer character…) Don’t fret, most of them don’t even truly know what one is, nor do they realize their favorite characters fit just that description. Another mind explosion in the making, folks.

9. The Concrete-ist. Yup, these people flame you because they can’t read between the lines. They can’t catch the subtle character communications that some authors prefer to use instead of making it plain as day. They usually don’t have a reading level above a Neanderthal—as that part of the brain for detecting subtleties has never developed. Shame, what a waste of 9 months of someone’s life.

10. The Impatient. They can’t wait for you to write your story. They jump all over any diversion or misconception you purposely set up—claiming you are incorrect in your writing instead of waiting for you to clear it up in your own story. Their only purpose for reviewing is to point those “facts” out.

11. The Empty Flame. They usually claim you are wrong, but have no real basis or evidence to back it up, other than their own opinion. Makes for a shallow person and a moron reviewer.

Con-crit is one thing, flaming is another. Don’t flame.

I get so many “impatients” and “concrete-ists” it’s not even funny…


And I have finally reached 1,000 reviews! Thanks so much to everyone who has reviewed so far to help me get to my goal! I love you guys :) <3


congrats! You definitely deserve it!

The Fanfiction Writer’s Questionnaire


  1. List all the fandoms you have written in: Goosebumps, Teen Titans, Elemental Gelade, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Legend of Korra, Princess Ai, Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, Hunger Games, Maximum Ride (and these are just the published ones and the ones that I bothered actually writing)
  2. How many published fics have you written? 68
  3. In terms of wordcount, in which fandom have you written the most? I think it would have to be Soul Eater
  4. At the moment, which one of your fics is your favorite/you are the most proud of? (you can include unpublished fics) Despite how much I say I hate my writing, I can’t decide between these three fics
    -Heavy in Your Arms: Soul Eater fic, BlackStar/Maka 
    -I’m Human: Soul Eater fic, Soul/Maka 
    -Coffee Break: FMA fic, Royai 
  5. Which writer (fanfiction or not) inspires your own work? Um…I’d have to say that I really look up to Poisoned Scarlett, Lacrow, and Second Lieutenant (these are their pennames)
    I also really, REALLY love Elizabeth Chandler’s way of writing although I’ve never tried to imitate it myself 
  6. What was your first fanfic about? My very first fanfic was when I was 6, before I even knew what fanfiction was. It was for Goosebumps (my obsession at the time) and it was self-insertion.
    I think it’s safe to say that will never make an appearance on the internet. 
  7. Out of all the characters whose POV you have written, which one do you feel you identify the most with? I can’t really say anything about which one I identify with…but for some reason I always feel more comfortable writing in Mako’s or Soul’s POV.
  8. What do you feel is your biggest challenge when writing? Finishing what I started, not getting bored with the idea halfway through, picking a good way to start out, stop being such a perfectionist, avoiding other people’s fics that make me want to cry because I’ll never be that good…
  9. Do you generally outline your fics or do you prefer to write spontaneously and then revise? Depends. Sometimes I write an outline and then other times I’m just like fuck it
  10. Which one of your fanfics has the most hits? the most comments? the most kudos? (if applicable) Not Your Average Teenage Fairytale (which has been discontinued and still baffles me how it got so popular when really it sucks ass)
  11. What proportion, if any, of your fics are rated M or above (# of M-plus fics/ total # of fics)? I’ve only written 3 M rated fics (outside my head that is)
  12. Finally, tease us with the title of one of your upcoming fics: haha. ha. hahaha. you’re funny.

    No seriously though, I have no idea if this fic will actually make it through or not considering the fact that I’m lazy.

    But it’ll have something to do with Korra and Christmas-y stuff 


There was laughter and light and warmth all around, and that made Korra happy. That was also what made her not realize that Mako had gone missing.

She was enjoying the feeling of home too much, of being with her parents, of sharing everything with her friends, and of not having to be constantly monitored by the Order of the White Lotus. She was enjoying the snow and the ice and the cold, but she knew that this was her last night in the Southern Water Tribe. She had to go back to Republic City.

Korra was the Avatar, after all. She had duties… Obligations.


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I just visited AO3 because an author told me she moved one of her stories there and I wanted to see if I can find it. 

I spent less than a minute there and I legitimately have a headache.

Haha nope. I don’t care how bad the ffnet situation gets I’m never moving to AO3


Mako and Korra go shopping together.

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Makorra “Ever After” (Makorra Week Day 7)


notes: holy shit I actually did the entire week I never do this I don’t even finish fics guys where is my medal hot damn I deserve one.

This is a sort of sequel. I made this story a continuation of yesterday’s prompt, which is here: Balanced.

summary: They aren’t together, but they’re still happy.

Ever After


It’s been ten years.

Her hair is longer than ever, brushing against the small of her back as she strolls down the streets of Republic City. People watch in awe at the sight of her; she sees new faces, new reactions of wonder, and then there are the smaller, warmer smiles of familiarity from those who never forgot her, who still remember what she did for the city. She’s got her own handcarved glider strapped to her back and the blues of her traditionally wrapped air nomad clothes rival the afternoon sky. 

When she arrives at Air Temple Island Korra laughs at Tenzin because his beard is gray and he sighs and shakes his head because she didn’t fold the robes correctly. But they smile and hug each other anyway before they have a cup of tea.

Jinora is older, Ikki still talks, Meelo has all his teeth and Rohan is just a few months shy of earning his arrow. For days all she does is sit in the gardens and watch all the things they learned, listen to all the things she missed. She throws her head back and laughs too many times to count and the sun beats down on them that after only a few days, all the kids have freckles spackled on their noses and slight burns sprinkled on their cheeks.

Rohan’s in the middle of showing Korra his new marble trick when the letter arrives.

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Rating: T

Word count: ~800

Pairing(s): Makorra

Summary: There were many perks to sharing a bed with a firebender, and warmth was only one of them. Makorra.





Sleeping with Mako was better than sleeping alone. Korra didn’t mean that to insinuate that she was settling for him in anyway (she was the lucky one when it come to scoring him), but getting to enjoy him every single night was indescribably better than without him. So sue her for the poor explanation. She was the Avatar, not a writer of one of those trashy romance novels that Bolin kept stashed in his training bag and was blissfully unaware that his brother had accidentally unearthed.

But seriously, no one could deny that one of the best things about sharing a bed with a firebender was the warmth. Being from the South Pole and all, Korra wasn’t particularly sensitive to the cold, but that didn’t mean that she escaped a few chills here and there in the dead of night. Cold ended at every junction that her body met his. She would press herself against him trying to maximize the connection of their skin that warmed her to the core.

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the legend of korra: Denial →


Prompt: Day thirteen of the thirty day challenge: denial

Pairing: Makorra

A/N: Not really sure what happened with this


“I said no Korra!”

She put her hands on her hips. “But Mako-”

“Korra! Look, it’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s not even our house, it’s Tenzin’s

Net - Legend of Korra Fanfic





By L. M. Boulevardes



            Mako winced at the slamming door and looked up from his newspaper as Korra came in.  Straggled would have been the more appropriate term.  Her hair was falling out of its ponytails, her jacket (wait, wasn’t that his jacket?) hanging loosely from her shoulders like it was too exhausted to be bothered with staying on.  She let her bag fall to the ground then collapsed onto the sofa, face planted in a pillow.  Mako waited a couple of minutes to see if she planned on providing him with any kind of explanation.  When it became increasingly clear that one was not forthcoming, he tugged her hair gently.  Korra made a feeble attempt to swat his hand away and he caught her wrist.  She finally looked at him as he slid his hand down to lace their fingers. 

            “What’s up?” he asked, giving her hand a squeeze.  She tried to smile but it didn’t reach, the sides of her mouth drooping down like windless balloons.  “Hey.”  He got up from his seat, shifting her so he could sit down.  Immediately she curled up against him, putting her head on his lap and burying her face in his stomach.  He could feel the heat of her breath through his shirt. 

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Title: “Storytime” by pink-affinity

Fandom: LoK

Rating: K

Word count: 2360

Published: July 8, 2012


“Daddy, tell me a story.”

“What kind of story?”

Mako pulled the blankets up to his daughter’s chin, and rested the back of his hand against her cheek. Her skin was warm.

Reika looked just like him. Well, mostly like him… She had his golden eyes, his thick, black hair, his nose and chin. She was tall for her age. But she had Korra’s brightness, Korra’s fire.

Their daughter was a bender.

A firebender.

Neither were surprised.

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Genre: Romance

Rating: M

Pairing(s):  Makorra, some Bosami

Summary: Prompt - After Mako is given a pair of his brother’s handcuffs, he has a surprise for date night.

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Par for the Course


par for the course

Author: Dictionary Ink  

On gangsters, being a councilman, and shady poker deals at four in the morning. — Mako/Korra
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Mako & Korra - Reviews: 7 - Words: 3,676 - Published: 07-02-12 - Status: Complete


“Do you want to do something fun?”

Mako didn’t like the way she was looking at him, sly out of the corner of her eye. The sun had been down for hours—most of Republic City slept in the summer’s dew-drop heat, and Air Temple Island was no different. The sky was dark velvet soft outside the window.

“What kind of fun, Korra?” he asked.

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I wish my writing was awesome like this ;_____;

Remind me why I write….




Author: the writing rose 

Because Korra would want Bolin to see her at her best. And Mako would love her even at her worst. —MakoKorra. Canon.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Mako & Korra - Reviews: 11 - Words: 2,210 - Published: 07-01-12 - Status: Complete


When Mako opened the door, disgruntled and muttering who-the-hell-is-here-at-two-in-the-freak’ in-morning, he saw her—soaking wet and staring at the ground, her fist clenched at her sides and she was trembling.

“… Korra?” Mako reached out to touch her, to pull her inside—to pull her to him—but Korra recoiled.

Mako didn’t let it bother him.

“Hey,” his voice was soft, “what’s wrong?”

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