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My lock screen is so beautiful

David Tennant’s Video Diary Clips 

So I was just listening to Find Me by Boyce Avenue on my ipod

And I look at the album cover that came with it when I downloaded it

Normally I just think it’s a cute picture and move on

But now I looked at it and it struck me as familiar

So I stared at it

And stared at it

Until I realized that the guy looked a little like David Tennant

I thought that there was no way that could’ve been him though, because I was convinced that this was the cover for the actual song. But still, I looked again just in case.

Then I deduced that there was no way that it could’ve been David Tennant as the Doctor because he hasn’t kissed any brunettes in the series 

(And here is the part where I show you the picture so you can start to understand)

But then I looked closer at the girl and realized that she kinda looked like Martha Jones whom I just got to today

Again, I decided that maybe I was just sleepy and overthinking things

Until I noticed the background.

There was a hospital board

So I took one more good look

And remembered that YES Ten did kiss a brunette. He kissed Martha.

So I googled the picture to double check and

they’re the same!

And now I will never be able to listen to that song without thinking of those two. 

Experimenting with PSDs for the first time. (Finally figured out how to use the damn things.)

Not much but I’m still learning and whatnot. I’ll get to serious editing later.