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Things I do when I’m sick:


Or attempt to.

Because I don’t think this counts as dancing.

Where’s the “you tried” star?

Anyway, yeah. Here ya go. I’m feeling generous and decided to record myself and upload this. Or maybe I’m feeling cruel and unreasonable. Depends on your reaction to this video.

ロミオとシンデレラ Romeo and Cinderella Mirror Dance (by MsMirrorDances)

I want to learn this now


It’s not an official dance blog until there’s Michael Jackson on it

Because Michael Jackson


Kizomba. I must learn how to dance it

So I now really want to see Mako and Korra dance the Kizomba…


Not a big fan of Nicki Minaj but I really liked the choreography 

Weee…So I have this idea right…

I really, really want to write a fic where Korra and Mako are in the Step Up scenario.

Guy does something illegal and put to community service as a janitor for the fancy dance school.

Meets a girl there.


(No but seriously now)

I think it’d be a cool idea.

Mako gets caught stealing a little cash from the school, telling himself that they’re so rich they won’t miss a couple hundred dollars and that he needs it to pay off his rent so he and Bolin don’t wind up on the streets again.

Instead of putting him in jail they just sentence him to about a year or so of community service to work at the very same dance school he tried to rob.

He meets Korra there who’s practicing for her solo for this big performance.

He’s been around enough gangs and seen dance battles not to mention he knows martial arts (we’re gonna say that he found a way to combine the two when he competed because there’s a cash prize or something and it was an easy way to get money). So he shows her some moves after watching her for awhile after the day’s ended.

BOOM! She becomes intrigued by him, blah, blah, blah.

And then at some point in time he meets Korra’s friend, Asami, who is more into ballet and ballroom dancing while Korra’s more the hip hop type (but Asami convinced her to do some ballet because it was great for working on her flexibility).

Asami develops a little crush on Mako. And he kind of likes her back (but I won’t put anyone through the torture of them actually dating because then it will just get messy). But overtime he realizes he likes Korra as well. And Korra likes him too, even though she knows of Asami’s crush on him and promise to try to hook those two up (okay maybe it’s a LITTLE messy).

And the thing that started this all (because actually I’ve had this idea for about a month now) was when I was listening to Pop Culture by Madeon and I envisioned this really cool dance scene on the roof of some building between Korra and Mako (because he convinced her to let him dance with her in the performance thingy).

And it starts to rain and Mako suggests they finish their routine inside. But Korra says how rain doesn’t hurt anyone and theN THINGS GET REALLY HOT BECAUSE THEY’RE BOTH SOAKED TO THE BONE BECAUSE OF THE SUDDEN DOWNPOUR AND DANCING AND RUBBING ALL AGAINST EACH OTHER.


I swear these stories just write themselves.

Anyway, the only reason I’m telling you all this is because I actually don’t know if I should write it since I have a bunch of other things on my plate. But if you guys want this bad enough I’ll start on it as soon as I can (no promises when the first chapter will come out though since I still have this prompt to finish).


This anime haunts my dreams I won’t lie.

Like what the fuck dude (but I do want to find the song she was singing)

While waiting to be seated at Red Lobster tonight

I practically wrote an entire chapter story for an AU!Korra fic. Of course the beginning rips off really closely relates to the Step Up movie, but oh well.

So now I’m just wondering if I should actually write it.

Because it sounds cool in my head.

But with my skills it’ll come out as shit

I want to see a version of this with Bolin and Asami cosplayers.

Just because.

That would be the best thing ever.

Or Bolin and Korra. 

But it has to be Bolin. No matter what.


Advance 4 Need to syncro the song

I’m just going to reblog these forever~


Advance 4 Need to syncro the song

And it just keeps getting better. :)


Advance 3 Adding song for tchnoskittles :P


She added the song this time (I don’t know what’s up with tumblr but it always delays the song in the first second but oh well).

And she added a bit more to it.

I really, REALLY cannot wait to see the finished product.

So remember that post about wanting Mako to dance to Catgroove? Well this lovely person ( actually animated the beginning of the dance to that song. Sure, it’s only about 4 seconds, but compared to what I could’ve done, it’s AMAZING. 

I’m just surprised someone actually did it. This makes me so happy you can’t imagine.

And she copied the original video so well!

Original video:

Anyway, all I did was match the music. She drew and animated. 

EDIT: Sorry about the music mishap. I’ve tried fixing it and nothing works. This is the best I can get it.