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Okay so everyone remembers how in the schematics Tenzin yells at Korra for being irresponsible for using the Avatar State like a toy? I’m pretty sure that everyone (including me) thought that was just him being typical, killjoy Tenzin who was acting naturally as an airbender and all that jazz. You know, saying how spiritual things are sacred and must be treated right and blah, blah, blah…

But then I started thinking.

What if that’s not the reason he yelled at her?

What if he just panicked?

Maybe - when he was much, much younger - Katara told him of the time she and his father, Aang, fought underneath Ba Sing Se and that he went into the Avatar State and died, almost ending the Avatar line forever. And he never quite got over it and now seeing Korra using it so carelessly makes him think that now she’s more vulnerable to getting hurt and possibly being killed.

Just like his dad.

Except this time there wouldn’t be any spiritual water from the oasis to save her.

So it’d be like losing his dad all over again.

Just some thoughts of mine.

I drew a Korra!




GOD, it feels good to have a tablet again.

And uhhh, yeah, have some avatar state!Korra, because I like glowing, floating shit.




Why do I still art?





Avatar Korra

If only.


I want this so bad ;~;

Just putting this here once again because I'm really proud of it and spent almost a week on it... →

Title: Jurisdiction
Category: Legend of Korra
Rating: T+
Summary: A story where mercy is true power.
Pairings: None (unless you really want there to be. Then you can just pretend) 

Korra finds out that there are just some people you can’t trust. Unfortunately she realizes too late as her life is on the line and slowly fading away…

Title: Jurisdiction
Category:  Legend of Korra
Summary: A story in which mercy is real power. 
Author’s Notes: This is something I cooked up because I’ve been feeling awful lately. I just suck. What is self-esteem. Also written out of my pure hatred for Tarrlok.
Tip: Read this while listening to bands like I the Mighty, In Fear and Faith, and Evanescence if you want the full effect.


He had played her. All this time he’s been playing her. Tenzin had warned her and she even had her own suspicions from time to time, but she figured that anyone who wanted to stop Amon so badly couldn’t be that bad a guy. After all, if they were working towards the same goal and had some common ground there was no way he could’ve been that different from her.

Of course, there were plenty of times that he’s proved that theory wrong, but Korra always convinced herself that he only did these harsh things for the wellbeing of Republic City. She always sugar-coated his actions, making them seem less of a big deal, never seeing the big picture.

She played right into the palms of his hands. She danced around like a fool while he pulled the strings, grinning down at his little puppet ready to bend at his will with the eventual intention of cutting those strings and leaving her to rot. He’d use her for his entertainment and success – no more and no less. Korra was only his tool, his play thing. And she was foolish to think otherwise.

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