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bryke, do you enjoy hurting me? because it really seems like you do.

Okay, I want to talk about this and although there’s a lot of feels.  Bryke is a genius.  

Personally, I think that Tenzin looked up to his father the most out of all the kids, mainly due to the fact that Tenzin is the only airbender out of the bunch. They share a connection that Aang does not have with his other children, and don’t get me wrong, I know Aang loves all his kiddos dearly, but he and Tenzin had a special bond.    

He was the one that passed down the culture, heritage, the way of the Air Nomads to Tenzin; seen clearly by their almost exact similarity in clothing. Aang was the one that gave Tenzin his tattooes.  Aang was the one that taught him to airbend.  Aang was the one to teach him that one’s detachment from the world is the ultimate freedom, but Tenzin’s sole duty is to the world.

Katara said Tenzin was always rather serious, and I believe that even at an early age Tenzin knew he was important, for he realized he would carry his father’s legacy and the Air Nomads as a whole on his shoulders after Aang passed away.  


I miss the gAANG~

They’re just so kawaii desu

Anonymous whispered: tbh i'd fuck the shit out of katara

I think you might have to take that up with Aang first

good luck with that bro



I’m honestly surprised that this hasn’t been done yet


to the delusional people who find it hard to believe that aang grew up to be smoking hot: 

he was 12 in this picture. 



Avatar Fact #102

I still want to see this unaired pilot .______.

Secret Bonds

A/N: Alright so the other day this idea kind of just popped in my head and I couldn’t say no to it…

No pairings except some implied Makorra. This is mainly just a Rohan/Korra bonding thing.

Summary: They shared a bond but Korra couldn’t quite place why they shared it or why it was so strong. Finally Rohan gives her the answer.

Soooo. Enjoy I guess?

Rated T for implied sexy time…I guess

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“Rohan really has taken a liking to you, Korra,” Pema remarked,

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Okay so everyone remembers how in the schematics Tenzin yells at Korra for being irresponsible for using the Avatar State like a toy? I’m pretty sure that everyone (including me) thought that was just him being typical, killjoy Tenzin who was acting naturally as an airbender and all that jazz. You know, saying how spiritual things are sacred and must be treated right and blah, blah, blah…

But then I started thinking.

What if that’s not the reason he yelled at her?

What if he just panicked?

Maybe - when he was much, much younger - Katara told him of the time she and his father, Aang, fought underneath Ba Sing Se and that he went into the Avatar State and died, almost ending the Avatar line forever. And he never quite got over it and now seeing Korra using it so carelessly makes him think that now she’s more vulnerable to getting hurt and possibly being killed.

Just like his dad.

Except this time there wouldn’t be any spiritual water from the oasis to save her.

So it’d be like losing his dad all over again.

Just some thoughts of mine.


Avatar State, Yip Yip! 

You forgot the most important one!

So…I don’t think I ever uploaded this here.

Oops. My bad.

Let It Go. ||A:TLA & LoK|| [The Rising Phoenix] (by TheRavensDarkness)


This is an update of sorts, based on a little concept I did almost exactly 10 years ago. I worked on it a few minutes at the end of each day this week. *Trying* to get better at digital painting. Hope you guys enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

*looks at my korra drawing in progress*

*flips table*


I remember a post saying that Aang died Tenzin was the last airbender until Jinora was born

So then I began to wonder a couple of things and actually did some math (ONLY KORRA WOULD PUSH ME TO DO MATH WILLINGLY).

So anyway, here we go:

I don’t know Kya or Bumi’s ages but I figure that Kya was born in Aang and Katara’s early 20s/late teens and Bumi was born around their late 20s/early 30s.

But since we do know Tenzin’s age (51 years old) and we know Korra’s age (17 years old) I decided to do a bit of calculations (but watch out I’m all over the place so stick with me).

Aang died when he was 66. Katara’s about 2 years older than him she was about 68. Korra is 17 so that’s how long Aang’s been dead (so obviously add 17 to 68 and you get 85 which is Katara’s confirmed age for this series tada).

Now here we bring in Tenzin. Subtract 17 from 51 and you get 34. Therefore, Tenzin was 34 when Aang died (and Bumi and Kya were obviously older than that by some years). 

Now to find out how old Aang and Katara were when Tenzin was born.

Subtract 34 from 66. You get 32. So Aang was 32 and Katara was 34 (roughly) when Tenzin was born.

Now to find out how many years that Tenzin was the last airbender, you can go about this two ways (I’ll do the more complicated one first)

Jinora is 10. Remember this for both ways.

#1 - Subtract 10 from 51. You get 41 which is how old Tenzin was when Jinora, his eldest child, was born. Now to find out the years in-between simply subtract 34 (Tenzin’s age when his father died) from 41. You get 7 years.

#2 - Subtract Jinora’s age from Korra’s age. 17 minus 10 equals 7. 

So Tenzin was the last airbender for 7 years. And then you have to take into consideration that they probably weren’t aware Jinora was an airbender for some time (it shows up at a young age obviously so we’ll go by Meelo’s age and say she found out when she was 5-ish, just to make things easier on ourselves). So add 5 to 7 and you get 12. 

So Tenzin was the last known airbender for about 12 years or so.

Now we’ll compare that to how long Aang was the last airbender until Tenzin was born.

So Aang knew that he was the last airbender at age 12. And he was 32 when Tenzin was born. So that’s 20 years. But they probably didn’t figure it out until Tenzin was a little older (we’re just going to use Meelo’s age as the default bending age for now even though our baby Korra was special at the ripe age of 4). So we’ll say that Tenzin started airbending around age 5. So add that onto the 5 years and Aang was the last known airbender for about 25 years. Then you have to remember how he was trapped in that iceberg so just go ahead and slap on another 100 years.

So Aang was the last airbender for 120 years and the last identified airbender for 125 years.

Compared to Tenzin’s measly 12. 

Then again, everyone thought airbenders were completely extinct for those 100 years so…

But anyway, simple math that I did because I was curious and I have nothing better to do with my time.


The Legend of Korra Randomness | What Really Happened #1 (by UltimateDBZFan2000)