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korra cut her hair

So the book 3 trailer looks cool but I don’t wanna get too hype because last time I was severely disappointed so I’ll just see how this season plays out

So I’ve been thinking…

(A dangerous past time I know)

Seriously though, I think Book 2 would’ve been more enjoyable had there not been that romantic subplot. Which, I know everyone was saying, but for good reason. It was poorly written and placed and just all-around unnecessary. The rest of the book was good, great even, but the overdramtic soap opera styled romance ruined it all.

That’s why I really hope that for Book 3 they don’t include any romance. None. Zip.

As much as the (random) Makorra break up disheartened me, I feel like now is a great chance for Korra to grow even more than she has. I mean, just recently she became the first Avatar in the new cycle of Avatars, so instead of seeing her trying to reconcile and rebuild her relationship with Mako, let’s see her rebuild the Avatar cycle and kick it off to a good start. Let’s see her maintain peace between the spirits and humans now that the worlds are no longer separate.

I wanna see Korra build herself as a better Avatar and do something extraordinary like the first Avatar before her, Wan, did. I want to see Korra become strong as a person and learn to become her own guide instead of relying on past Avatars to nudge her along.

I want to see her make her own choices.

I want to see her make mistakes and learn from them.

I want to see her gain wisdom to pass to the Avatar following her.

I want to see her make an impression on the world as the first Avatar of the second cycle.

I want to see Korra go down in history.

And I don’t want Mako or romance involved with any of it.

If Wan didn’t have obvious romance in his story, I don’t want Korra to have any in hers.

I understand that everyone’s upset about the lost connection to the past avatars, but do you understand what this means for Korra?

She gets to rebuild the Avatar linage. She gets to become the first Avatar of her cycle just like Wan was.

All this time Korra has identified herself as the Avatar. Now that there are no Avatars before her she can build up her identity for herself.

Imagine the character development.

Korra is fighting against Unalaq/Vaatu during Harmonic Convergence

Mako: Korra I have something to tell you!

Korra: Now really isn’t the time, Mako!

Mako: Korra…I broke up with you!

All fighting stops

Unalaq/Vaatu: oh no he didn’t…

Pictures I took at Thursday’s badge pick-up

The animal pelt wrap around for my little sister’s Korra costume.  I have to handsew the fur so this has been a real pain in the ass. So far I only have one side sewn.

Hey guys remember a long time ago when I shipped YuexKorra?

And then we learned they were technically related

'Cos I still ship them

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Korra and Asami Cosplay at SDCC

An original by Christine Bian, Prop Designer on The Legend of Korra

"For me personally, SDCC is an excuse to spend time with my friends that I rarely see from out of town, so I hope this sketch conveys a sense of the con bringing loved ones together. And of course, tons of wardrobe malfunctions happen at the con.  In fact, this scene is really a memory of me and my friend last year constantly ducking around corners to adjust our outfits.” -Christine

You know the way that Mako looks in this picture

Really reminds me of how Disney princesses hold themselves.

He looks so dainty.

I know that Mer!Mako’s already been done, but what about just a general Disney Princess Mako?


BIG SHOUT OUR TO THE SWEETEST ASAMI EVER! RACHEL!!!!!! ALSO A SHOUT OUT TO NAT AND CANON!! You three were amazing to hang out with and absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for fanning with us for Hannibal, Korra, and Dishonored!! Hope to see and hang out with you again this weekend! Lovely ladies!


Okay where are people getting the clips from the sketch animations shown at last comic-con?

I keep seeing gifs and apparently the video was released but I don’t know where I can find it