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Legend of Korra, “Crossover”


Prompt: Crossover - Makorra Week #4

Pairing: Makorra

Rating: T

A/N: Soul Eater crossover time!


“Insanity sure is an… interesting thing, isn’t it?”

He nearly dropped his pan, only recovering a second quick enough to make sure their dinner didn’t go to waste. He turned to the doorway of the kitchen, looking through it and to the living room. He could see his partner’s dark hand hanging over the back of the couch.

“W-What…” He cleared his throat, still a bit concerned. “What makes you say that?”

He heard her sigh and saw her shift. She curled on her side, and her voice was suddenly very small.

“Nothing…” She murmured into the cushion, and he knew her well enough to know that it wasn’t just ‘nothing’. Switching the heat of the oven to that of a low broil, he set the pot of noodles down and made his way to her.

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I love you. This is amazing. Everything I could have asked for.

You’re the best.